• First STEM high school in the middle East

• Program is based on grand challenges of Egypt.

• Year round school, two semesters, twelve weeks per semester.

 • Admission by Ministry of Education (MOE) regulations: with a minimum score of 98% and two full marks of (Math, Science and English). Admission test is held then.

• Egyptians are eligible to apply for the school.

• 9 boarding schools, including our School .

• Project-based learning (all projects revolve around the STEM concepts)

• MIT Fab Lab integrated into the two school sites, which will be installed by MIT experts in 2013-2014

• STEM festival is an event held on Thursday, June 6. With the aim of introducing the school to the public,and presenting students' projects


           The Egyptian STEM High School is an institution of learning launched to provide youth with a world-class education in the critical areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Founders sought to ensure Egypt

           will have a fully engaged citizenry of inquisitive and determined youth who are well qualified to respond to the Grand Challenges facing our nation; to increase opportunities for Egyptians to stay and work in Egypt.